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    What is SGA (Smart Graphic Archive)

    SGA is a kind of self extracting archive that stores digital photo or other kind of graphics. You can both extract graphics from the archive and view the photos without extraction via embeded viewer. This viewer fits the photos to the screensize and shows metainformation enclosed to the pictures.

    SGA screenshot:

    SGA features

  • Magnifying Glass. The part of armillary sphere (see screenshot) is showm through the virtual magnifying glass. The glass can be moved by mouse; thus you can view both the picture as a whole and view small details at the same time; zooming is controlled by mouse wheel. The "classical" full-size view mode is supported as well.
  • Meta Information. Brief pointing comments can be placed directly on the photo (see scrinshot). These comments can be turned on/of thus you can see the photo with or without such comments. More detailed text description, field table, weblinks and email addressees can be shown on the "descriptions" page enclosed to each photo.
  • Compression. Making SGA you can set the graphic compression rate to get the optimal ballance of picture quality and archive file size.
  • Filter/search To find the picture you need apply the filter to the pictures included to the arvhive. Set of the pictures can be filtered by text description, text in the pointers or custom fields.

  • It's good idea to see real example instead of reading dul descriptions :-)
    To download free example of SGA try Google it.

    How to make Smart Graphic Archive:

    GoodLook (Pro) is a software that makes SGA files.
    GoodLookPro screenshot Min. systrm requirements: PC 256MB RAM, 50MB free disk space; OS: NT4, 2K, XP and higher.

    TOS Buy now ($12)
    Download free trial: D/L now

    How to buy the archiver

  • It's very easy to buy GoodLookPro online. To make sure that it's absolutelly safe click the sertificat icons on the buy-online page.

  • Free SGA examples

  • Citroen C3 - just nice photos of this car from; this example shows how the SGA-protected-area feature works.
    Download now

  • Mini sculptures of medieval warriors. Painted white metal. 54mm scale group.
    Download now

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