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Lockspell is an easy to use text editor with encrypting feature. It works like an usual rtf editor, but the files you edit can be optionally locked with password. The encrypting is based on the 3DES implementation prowided by Apple's system libraries. The 3DES algorythm is not the fastest one, it works a bit slowely than some other algorythms, but the protection it provides is very strong and tested by time.

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What does it mean "locked document"? If the document is locked with password the program shows the password dialog before document opening. If entered password is correct the program opens your text document. Otherwise program closes the window and nothing more happends; you can try open the document again.
What are system requirements? MacOS 10.5 or higher
Is the version for Windows available? At the present time only MacOS version is available, but we're going to release the Windows version to.
Can you unlock my docuent if I lost my password? No. Please note, that we are not able to break the protection, even if you send us your locked file, expected document contents or pasword suggestions. This is an underside of the password protection that's realy strong.
How to get started with the program? No needs to learn. It's a typical text editor with two additional buttons: "Password" and "Delete Password". Use the "Password" button to set/change the password, use the "Del.Password" to remove password protection from your text document.

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  • Optionally you can order CD delivered by mail.

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Free Demo

To view and edit existing LockSpell documents use demo version of the program. Demo version is free for use without any time limitation. To be able change the passwords of the documents please register the demo version.

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