STEP-by-STEPper is product line of personal information managers (PIMs) that can help you to plan and organize your activity. Compare the products listed in the table and choose which one better meets your needs.

Feature/Product SBS Freeware SBS SBS plus
Short item description + + +
Detailed description + + +
Remarks text   + +
Related file list   + +
Hour grid + + +
Date/Time independed items + + +
Moving item to other date + + +
Item time edit form   + +
Event notifications   + +
Custom print forms + + +
Custom fields     +
Activity analyze charts   + +
Search tool + + +
Advanced search tool ("Logic rings")     +
Shedule     +
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SBS plus
Price Free Free to try,
old price $14.95 to buy
Free to try,
old price $19.95 to buy

activity statistics
Fig.1 Examples of activity analyze charts

Why activity analyze?

  • For self improving.
  • To know when you need rest.
  • To know when you are ready to fight and win.

What is time depended and time independed item?

Most often you have to complete some task at the certain time. However there are tasks you shouldn't forget about, but it's impossible to answer the question when. Add such task to the date independed list. If you know the date but don't know the time add the task to task list of this date but leave it out of hour grid. The ToDo item can be easy moved to the right position in the right list any time.

What is event notification?

You can set the time of the to-do item item directly or placing the item to corresponding position into the hour grid. Notification form pops up when current time value gets higher then time of some item that belongs to current date. Notification mode can be turned on/off.

Development of new versions of these products is suspended for a time, but old customers are supported. At the time the products are available without support with up to 60% off.

Both SBS and SBSplus for $7.75

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